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If You Could Delete a Memory, Would You?

I was messing around on WordPress today and came across The Daily Post…I don’t know much about it and to be honest I didn’t even look into it much before starting this post but I think it’s from some of the heads of WordPress in a way to get more of their bloggers posting more often.

Anyway…they had a link to a website called ‘Plinky’ which seems to post random questions that you can answer on their site.  The first one I saw was ‘Do you like cats or dogs better’ (by the way I love both!) but I didn’t like that question so I went ahead to the next one.

How could you not?! They’re SO CUTE!

If You Could Delete A Memory, Would You?

At first I wanted to answer ‘yes’….we’ve all done and said stupid things in our lives that we would like to forget or change.

But the more I thought about it the more I said ‘no’.  No I would not delete a memory if I could.

Every memory is there for a reason.  Whether it’s a good or bad memory.  We learn from our experiences.  They all are meant to teach us something…we wouldn’t remember it if there wasn’t a reason.  (I know sometimes you wonder why you remember something…there’s a reason…somewhere in there…)


Would you delete a memory if you could?


Photoshop, You are Amazing

I’ve always thought Photoshop was pretty awesome, that is until I actually started using it.  I am absolutely AMAZED at what one can do with this program.  Stunned is really more like it.

I am somewhat of a photo-nerd.  I love photos. It doesn’t matter if they’re mine or someone else’s; I LOVE them! So I’ve been working on a project of digitizing all my old photos (more about that in a later post).

I mean, why wouldn’t you want to make photos like this digital? You could post it on Facebook for everyone to see! 🙂 (Yes this is me)

Last year was when I started using Photoshop more seriously.  I started using it for retouching at work and got pretty good at it.  This year, I have learned to add texture to a photo and create an ‘echo’ among other things.  My arch-nemesis, the Clone Stamp, and I have dropped our feud and are now learning to be friends.

‘Echo’ that I made with a wedding photo (generally they’re made with the background images at 50% or less, but I don’t care 🙂

Photoshop is even amazing with basic things.  While scanning a bunch of my old photos, I realized the colors were off.  A lot of the time the old images are either yellow-ish and gross looking or have a blue-ish tint that makes them look like they’ve been taken using the “Smurf Filter”.  Here’s some amazing enhancements:

Gotta love the 80’s!

Even after 100’s of photos that I’ve enhanced, I am still amazed at the difference.  I think my husband is getting annoyed with me since I have to show him the before and afters of almost EVERY photo I enhance (sorry sweetie!)

The “Smurf Filter” I was talking about. This was taken with my Grandpa’s disposable camera (yes they still make disposable film cameras) in 2011.

This photo above is my no means perfect but it’s much better than it was straight out of the camera.


I love texture on my photos! MUST ADD TEXTURE TO ALL PHOTOS!!

So why am I talking about all of this? My love of pictures runs deep…they’re the only representations of memories that we have (again, more in a later post).  I want to make them look the best that I can!

Photoshop…you…are…awesome 🙂

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