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Did I Miss The Memo?

I feel like I’m so out of touch with the current trends sometimes.  I’m usually so up to date, even if I don’t follow them, I at least know about them.  Or I guess I know about them but I don’t understand them.   Maybe I’m looking for meaning in things that don’t really have any but I just don’t understand some of the current ‘cool’ things.  Two in particular seem to have appeared out of no where and I just don’t understand them.  Where did they originate from and why are they so popular?

The first one is the mustache trend.  I just don’t get it.  It started overnight and then exploded into everything.  There’s mustache clothing, mustache accessories, mustache home decor…it’s become a mustache meme.

An example of how far mustache’s have grown.

Ok, I do have to admit, this is pretty funny 🙂

*UPDATE 5/13/12*  I Figured out where the mustache’s came from!

“There’s a lot of reasons why a man would wear a fake mustache to work” The Office Season 7, Sex Ed.

Another trend that I’ve seen on Pinterest is the “keep calm” posters.  I just don’t understand where they came from or why they’re everywhere.

The ‘basic’ poster

It’s also gone into popular culture books and movies (I do love this series though!)

Even into the Mustache Phenomenon!

I just don’t get it.  Did I miss the memo on why these are around? Or am I just getting old?  I don’t feel like I’m getting old but maybe I’m too boring (if that’s the case, don’t tell me-haha)…If anyone can explain it to me I’d love to know where these originated from!



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