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Do You Like To Do It Yourself?

I hear all the time ‘Just have your husband do it’ or ‘Your husband can put that together’.  My answer is always, ‘why?’  I usually get a weird look after that and end up changing the subject.  Why have my husband put something together when I can do it myself?  Don’t get me wrong, my husband can do it as well, but the gender lines have blurred and I am just as capable and even enjoy it sometimes.

Are you sure this is English?!

Most women (at least that I know) would take one look at this manual and pass it off to the nearest testosterone filled body.  This definitely made my eyes bug out at first but I looked at it again and well…

The end pride and joy!

I’m really handy with screwdrivers (Phillips and Flathead), hammers, needle nose pliers, and even the occasional Allen wrench.  I don’t know much about saws or anything fancy, and usually try to avoid those (best to stay away from dangerous tools if I don’t know how to use them!)

For our wedding, my husband and I got a couple of gifts from friends of ours.  They were both on our registry and were: a Black & Decker hedge trimmer and a Hamilton Beach blender.  I’m assuming that they thought the hedge trimmer was for my husband and the blender for me.  That was SO not the case.  I put the hedge trimmer for myself and was so excited when it arrived at our door!  (By the way, it works amazing!)

While I like my dresses, clothes, shoes and shopping I’m also not afraid to pick up some tools and try to put something together (so long as it’s not too complicated!)

Another one of my pride and joys! It took me about 3 hours on a Saturday morning to put together but it's beautiful. (And yes, that is the full collection of the Harry Potter Series-and a little bit embarrassing-The Twilight Series).


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