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Didn’t we just have one?

Hee Hee! My husband was such a little cutie!

I seem to have this problem at every single holiday.  What do we get for a gift?

I rack my brains trying to figure out the perfect gift.  I don’t want to just give a gift card or money (sometimes I have no choice).  I want the gift to be meaningful.  Plus I’m also pretty crafty so I enjoy making things but there’s only so many photo frames that people can have!

I have a friend’s birthday who is in June and I have had the PERFECT idea for about a month now.  This is another instance where Pinterest has been amazing.  I noticed that she ‘pinned’ a quote and wrote that she really liked it and wanted to have it in her new home.  Score! I’m going to surprise her with a super cool way to display this quote!

So I talked to her boyfriend and asked what her favorite colors were and if she’d put up any quotes in their new house recently.  He responded with ‘oh yeah, she just painted this quote about home being who you share it with’.   I couldn’t help but laugh! That was exactly what I was going to do for her! (I’d even bought the canvas on Sunday!)

Now I’m back to square one, which is fine, I’ll figure something out but it made me realize that we do this every year.  What should I get my mom for her birthday? What should I get her for mother’s day? Oh now it’s hubby’s mom’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, etc and it all goes around in a circle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love birthdays and holidays!

My favorite part of holidays that involve gifts (besides being with family) is seeing the person’s face when they open up the gift that I put a lot of effort into.

I know I’ll come up with something special; I just have to search a little longer for something 🙂


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