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Finally! A Clutch For Every Outfit!

I found a DIY on my favorite website (ahem Pinterest) for a place mat clutch purse (Original Here).  Since I went to visit my parents on Saturday, and my mom is an excellent sewer, I twisted her arm and we took a trip to Hobby Lobby and Kohls.

I wasn’t sure what I’d find at Kohls for place mats but I fared better than I expected.  I picked out a blue place mat.  I then came to find out that it was on sale for $3.99 AND that it was made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!

(Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of our work while it was being created but here’s the finished product.)

The Finished Product:

Makes me a little loopy from this angle

So the short version is to fold your place mat in thirds and sew up the sides.  My mom and I decided to do the long version which was to get extra fabric and make some pockets (the third picture).  We attached those using no sew tape that is activated by heat.  Once the pockets were ironed on, then we (my mom) sewed up the sides.

The clasp is called a ‘frog clasp’ and was found at Hobby Lobby (along with the tape) and we decided to hand sew that on.  Since my mom kept grabbing the pins we’d put in the clasp to secure it, instead of grabbing the needle, I took over hand sewing and just attached the top loop(on the top flap) and the bottom loop(on the bottom flap) and also the middle. (I was planning on sewing the entire clasp on but it started to run into the pockets and I didn’t want to maneuver the needle through the pockets too).

And Voila! It is done.  With a lot of help and thanks to my mom, I have a very cool new purse that cost around $8!  I plan on making more of these to match other outfits and now have an excuse to go and look in the Home sections!

Happy Crafting!


Didn’t we just have one?

Hee Hee! My husband was such a little cutie!

I seem to have this problem at every single holiday.  What do we get for a gift?

I rack my brains trying to figure out the perfect gift.  I don’t want to just give a gift card or money (sometimes I have no choice).  I want the gift to be meaningful.  Plus I’m also pretty crafty so I enjoy making things but there’s only so many photo frames that people can have!

I have a friend’s birthday who is in June and I have had the PERFECT idea for about a month now.  This is another instance where Pinterest has been amazing.  I noticed that she ‘pinned’ a quote and wrote that she really liked it and wanted to have it in her new home.  Score! I’m going to surprise her with a super cool way to display this quote!

So I talked to her boyfriend and asked what her favorite colors were and if she’d put up any quotes in their new house recently.  He responded with ‘oh yeah, she just painted this quote about home being who you share it with’.   I couldn’t help but laugh! That was exactly what I was going to do for her! (I’d even bought the canvas on Sunday!)

Now I’m back to square one, which is fine, I’ll figure something out but it made me realize that we do this every year.  What should I get my mom for her birthday? What should I get her for mother’s day? Oh now it’s hubby’s mom’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, etc and it all goes around in a circle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love birthdays and holidays!

My favorite part of holidays that involve gifts (besides being with family) is seeing the person’s face when they open up the gift that I put a lot of effort into.

I know I’ll come up with something special; I just have to search a little longer for something 🙂

Do You Like To Do It Yourself?

I hear all the time ‘Just have your husband do it’ or ‘Your husband can put that together’.  My answer is always, ‘why?’  I usually get a weird look after that and end up changing the subject.  Why have my husband put something together when I can do it myself?  Don’t get me wrong, my husband can do it as well, but the gender lines have blurred and I am just as capable and even enjoy it sometimes.

Are you sure this is English?!

Most women (at least that I know) would take one look at this manual and pass it off to the nearest testosterone filled body.  This definitely made my eyes bug out at first but I looked at it again and well…

The end pride and joy!

I’m really handy with screwdrivers (Phillips and Flathead), hammers, needle nose pliers, and even the occasional Allen wrench.  I don’t know much about saws or anything fancy, and usually try to avoid those (best to stay away from dangerous tools if I don’t know how to use them!)

For our wedding, my husband and I got a couple of gifts from friends of ours.  They were both on our registry and were: a Black & Decker hedge trimmer and a Hamilton Beach blender.  I’m assuming that they thought the hedge trimmer was for my husband and the blender for me.  That was SO not the case.  I put the hedge trimmer for myself and was so excited when it arrived at our door!  (By the way, it works amazing!)

While I like my dresses, clothes, shoes and shopping I’m also not afraid to pick up some tools and try to put something together (so long as it’s not too complicated!)

Another one of my pride and joys! It took me about 3 hours on a Saturday morning to put together but it's beautiful. (And yes, that is the full collection of the Harry Potter Series-and a little bit embarrassing-The Twilight Series).

Pinterest = Awesomeness!

I found Pinterest a few months ago and it is one of my new loves! It is amazing and if you haven’t checked it out, I recommend that you look into it!  There are so many subjects on that site, my favorite being the craft/home decor sections.

Memory Jar

It seemed that everyone was pinning (a Pinterest term for posting) this link.  I really liked this idea and decided to give my husband one of these for Valentine’s Day.

We don’t have kids (as of now) so writing down what our kids do wasn’t an option.  We decided to write down good/fun things that happened that we thought were worth remembering, whether it was something funny that was said or done, something sweet that we heard, or whatever.  Then on December 31st we would read these memories from the past year, and remember the little things that made us happy each day.

Some examples in our jar are “Opening my etsy shop on 2/1/12”, “Meeting the new baby in our family and spending time with her parents”, “Getting a flat tire and watching my brother climb under the car to help me change it”.  While these may not seem large, it was something that we felt were worth remembering.  Then you can keep those memories and go back and re-read them in other years.

(The jar was one that we happened to have.  The sign I made on InDesign using a graphic I found off of Google.  The pad of paper was from Staples, and we are using a regular felt pen.)


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