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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

(2 posts in one day?! What’s going on?!)


I don’t know who makes the choice for these weekly photo challenges but the past 2 haven’t been very easy…’renewal’ and ‘green’ are non-existent in Wisconsin in November (I’m hoping they’re not going to choose ‘summer’ next) so I had to reach into my archives for this weeks’.


This was taken over the summer in Hayward, WI while my husband and I were canoeing (actually trying to find loons).


Lily pads as far as the eye could see…Green:



Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

These photo challenges come and go really quickly! By the time I actually can find the time for one another one is ready and waiting.


So here’s last weeks: Renewal.


The lake near our house has¬†receded a lot in preparation for the winter…a time of renewal (I guess…)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geometry was my WORST subject in school. It was the only class in High School that I ever got a D in, and I was trying (what does that tell you?!)

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do for this post. ¬†I thought it had to be some sort of grand photo with shapes galore-and when I couldn’t find anything, I figured I’d just skip this post…BUT NOT THIS TIME!

Ladies and Gentlemen….Geometry:

(A tutorial about how to make this is to follow!)




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