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I was messing around on WordPress today and came across The Daily Post…I don’t know much about it and to be honest I didn’t even look into it much before starting this post but I think it’s from some of the heads of WordPress in a way to get more of their bloggers posting more often.

Anyway…they had a link to a website called ‘Plinky’ which seems to post random questions that you can answer on their site.  The first one I saw was ‘Do you like cats or dogs better’ (by the way I love both!) but I didn’t like that question so I went ahead to the next one.

How could you not?! They’re SO CUTE!

If You Could Delete A Memory, Would You?

At first I wanted to answer ‘yes’….we’ve all done and said stupid things in our lives that we would like to forget or change.

But the more I thought about it the more I said ‘no’.  No I would not delete a memory if I could.

Every memory is there for a reason.  Whether it’s a good or bad memory.  We learn from our experiences.  They all are meant to teach us something…we wouldn’t remember it if there wasn’t a reason.  (I know sometimes you wonder why you remember something…there’s a reason…somewhere in there…)


Would you delete a memory if you could?


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