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Murphy’s Law

(DISCLAIMER: This post is supposed to be an amusing post of the irony that comes into our lives.  It is not a post of complaints.  Things that make you shake your head and say ‘it would only happen to me’.)

There is a Law (a spoof on one of Newton’s Laws of Physics) called Murphy’s Law.  This law states that: anything the can go wrong will go wrong.

The whole idea for this post came from this particular experience:

I was in a friend’s wedding over the weekend and exactly 10 minutes before the ceremony was to start, I ended up pouring water all over the front of my dress.  I was not completely soaked…no, no…this was much worse.  I managed to make it look like I had just pee’d myself.  Excellent.  To make matters worse, after the groom was walked up by his parents, I (and a groom’s man) were the first to walk up, which meant I either had to go up like that or try to dry it off.

(Here’s the dress:)

Why So Serious?!

With the help of a fellow bridesmaid blotting my dress with a Kleenex, and the exclamations of “It’s not that bad!” and “It’s already drying!” from both her and the groom’s man that was walking me down my dress miraculously managed to dry with time to spare! And it wasn’t even noticeable! Whew!



I decided to try to think of other times that Murphy’s Law came into play (It’s harder than you think to go back and figure out times when this happened!):

It seems to be that the time you get a flat tire is either when you’re on your way somewhere and you’re already running late, or when you’re driving the 30 miles home from visiting family AND you have groceries in the car…not the packaged, non-perishable groceries, but the lettuce, fruit and pretty much the MOST perishable produce you could have bought.




A girl and her parents bring in their dogs for a few shots for the girls senior photos.  We were told one of the dogs was skiddish and uncomfortable with new surroundings so not to make any loud noises, etc.  So what happens?  I lean a ladder against a wall and the ladder decides that now is the perfect moment for it to fall for the first time ever and comes slamming to ground but not before it makes all the noise it can and hits multiple things on its way down.  Yep…only to me.

These few stories were the only ones that I could think of at the moment but I’m going to try to start keeping track of these things and hopefully this will be a long running topic!



Love Rising

I’ve been waiting almost 9 months to be able to share this photo!

It was taken a few days after our wedding in the same location.  The reason I waited so long to share this photo was because my husband and I just gave a 20×30 canvas of it as an engagement gift to my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law.  We wanted them to be the first to see it as this particular sunrise has very special meaning to them 🙂

So I decided to name this photo “Love Rising” as a special tribute to them.

Love Rising

NPR-Not Your Grandfather’s Radio Station Anymore

I have recently been re-introduced to the wonderful world of NPR. (That’s National Public Radio).  My dad was known for listening to NPR whenever he was in the car (my grandpa actually listened to country).  Just like normal teenagers, I thought it was boring and how could anyone ever listen to something other than music?

As I got older I started to listen to Morning shows on the way to work and realized that I liked that better than the music.  Don’t get me wrong, I love music; I just don’t like that songs can get stuck in your head so easily and make you think of little else.

“I’ve got the moves like Jagger, I’ve got the moves like Jagger…”

While at work one day my co-worker was listening to This American Life on  The crew of This American Life sent their reporters to cover different shifts at a 24 hour diner in Chicago and interview the people who were in there. Once that was over I found one where they interviewed people at a mall around Christmas.

The host of the show, Ira Glass, looks exactly like you’d think!

Not all of the episodes are about interviews though.  Many are stories; and surprisingly, these people are really great at telling stories.  The reason I say surprisingly is because of my old thinking of NPR being boring and only about economical or political subjects.  They do those programs too, but I feel I get enough of that on TV, Internet and Facebook that I don’t want to listen to more. So I find the stories (as you know I love stories!)

Yesterday while at work I listened to 6 programs (all being close to an hour-long) and most of them were really interesting.  It’s kind of hard to describe but each program has multiple Acts, like a play.  They introduce the subject that they’re going to be talking about then go into the first story (which is usually an interview about the subject), go into Act 2 (usually a story-an excerpt from a book, etc) then go into Act 3 which, I’ve found, is usually something ‘funny’ or something completely off of the original subject (I’m sure they think it fits but sometimes it’s just too off the wall).

One of these things just doesn’t belong.

My favorite ones so far have been episode 420: Neighborhood Watch and episode 414: Right to Remain Silent. I also liked that first one I mentioned172: 24 Hours at the Golden Apple.  It may seem like I don’t have a lot that I’ve liked but I’ve only listened to maybe 15 so far and I have 80 still on my ‘To Watch” list (and that’s just from This American Life).

There are tons of other programs and This American Life archives go back to the 90’s.

I can just see it now…after searching the podcasts for a subject you’re interested in, you get the family together and you all sit around the computer, listening to your favorite program.  Is it Little Orphan Annie?  Nope.  It’s This American Life.  Be sure you have your Ovaltine!

That’s exactly what I pictured!

On a side note, I want to say a BIG congratulations to my brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law on their engagement! We love you both and are so excited for you!

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