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I am a lover of animals (I couldn’t even kill a mouse that was pooping in my kitchen!).  I especially love dogs and cats.  I’m drawn to them.  If I’m at a person’s house that has dogs or cats, I usually spend quite a bit of time petting the animals!

I am also a firm believer that while animals have different personalities, how they act is more of a representation of their owners than of the animal itself.

We have neighbors across the street (4 boys and their mom) who have always been very nice.  We’ve never had issues with them.  When we moved in 3 1/2 years ago, they had one dog; a little (what looks like) Miniature Pinscher but may be some sort of Fox Terrier, named Spike.  He was always a barker and would run over to us when we were outside in our yard but would never get close enough to want to be pet, would even jump away from us, yet still pursue us…

Around 6 months ago (maybe last summer even) they aquired 2 more little dogs.  They both look like Yorkies-one is light brown (we’ll call it LB for short) and the other is light brown with black on its back (BB for black on back for short).  Well LB is really aggressive and will always get the other ones going and is always the leader when they run at us (which is every time that we’re outside).

We’ve had some issues with the new Yorkies…just with them running at us, and actually coming into our yard to ‘chase us’ into our house which is much farther than Spike would ever go.  It always seemed like their bark was worse and that they would never actually get that close to us.

That is until this afternoon.

I went out to get the mail.  I happened to see one of the boys with Spike on a leash a little down the street but I kept going to our mailbox.  I heard the dogs start barking but didn’t really think anything of it.  I just turned and kept walking to our yard.  Instead of going inside, I walked next to the porch to pick up something that had fallen and the two Yorkies came running at me.  Again, I didn’t think much; just that LB was the leader and barking the most.  I turned to go back around the porch to go inside and felt a little pain in my left calf.  I thought that one scratched me as it jumped up or something and kept walking.  I walked inside and closed the door and noticed that LB was standing on our porch (really close to the door) and still barking.

This is not your house or your yard! Get the F*** out of here!

I put the stuff down that I was holding to get a look at my leg and I realized that that LB actually BIT ME! It was nothing serious and just a little blood blister but there was no bleeding or oozing of anything.  I cleaned it off really good and should be fine.

But now it’s become an issue.  I have no problems with dogs but these owners act like their dogs aren’t an issue.  There seems to be a lot of fear in them and they obviously haven’t been trained properly.  The thing is that they know how their dogs act when someone comes outside.  If there’s no one outside they’re perfectly content sniffing around. But as soon as someone steps food outside they bark and run after the person-to the extent of actually biting.

These dogs are so aggressive they NEED to be on leashes.  If you don’t want to put your dog on a leash, that’s totally fine but then you need to fence in your yard.  I think the reason they ignor the dogs aggressiveness is because they’re small dogs.  If it was a labrador that was doing the same thing as these little dogs, I know the owners would keep it on a leash.  To be honest people need to treat little dogs just the same as bigger dogs.  They need to be trained and if they can’t be trained then they need to be leashed or fenced if they’re going to be coming in contact with people.

I wasn’t able to talk to the kid because by the time I cleaned the ‘wound’ (if you can even call it that) he was back inside.  The next time they’re outside I will go over and talk to them, granted their dogs are not out with them.  Hopefully they’ll comply-I know they have at least one leash! (The dogs also probably need exercise.  They are insideallthe time unless they’re sniffing around.  They don’t even go on walks.)

It’s not the dogs. It’s the owners.  If you’re a dog owner, you need to be responsible about it.  I know it’s not easy to train or take care of dogs, but if it’s not something you can do then you shouldn’t have one. Period.  The dogs deserve better than to be locked inside a house all day and only be let out to go to the bathroom.

Take your dogs for walks.  Train them to listen to you-sit, stay, down.  There are many classes that you can take to learn how to train them. They deserve it.


Comments on: "There’s no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners" (1)

  1. Whenever I walk around the block with my toddler, I can always tell which dogs are properly trained and which ones aren’t. And for the ones that are all yapping away and 20 feet away from their owners (even on a leash), I try to keep my toddler close by because you never know what poorly trained dogs can do! But the ones that have their dogs close by, I’m a bit more relaxed.

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