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Pinterest = Awesomeness!

I found Pinterest a few months ago and it is one of my new loves! It is amazing and if you haven’t checked it out, I recommend that you look into it!  There are so many subjects on that site, my favorite being the craft/home decor sections.

Memory Jar

It seemed that everyone was pinning (a Pinterest term for posting) this link.  I really liked this idea and decided to give my husband one of these for Valentine’s Day.

We don’t have kids (as of now) so writing down what our kids do wasn’t an option.  We decided to write down good/fun things that happened that we thought were worth remembering, whether it was something funny that was said or done, something sweet that we heard, or whatever.  Then on December 31st we would read these memories from the past year, and remember the little things that made us happy each day.

Some examples in our jar are “Opening my etsy shop on 2/1/12”, “Meeting the new baby in our family and spending time with her parents”, “Getting a flat tire and watching my brother climb under the car to help me change it”.  While these may not seem large, it was something that we felt were worth remembering.  Then you can keep those memories and go back and re-read them in other years.

(The jar was one that we happened to have.  The sign I made on InDesign using a graphic I found off of Google.  The pad of paper was from Staples, and we are using a regular felt pen.)



Comments on: "Pinterest = Awesomeness!" (2)

  1. This is such a wonderful idea! I love saving memories, and having something to refer back to. I have wonderful memories with my family. I want to creat a blog as well, but am flooded with ideas. But in the meantime. I too would like to create a cute memory jar or maybe a memory book, but not a journal. Just something that keeps only the happy memorable moments!!!

  2. That’s a cool idea! I havent’ been able to bring an etsy shop to “open” yet… It’s been really hard finding the time to build a brand for a shop. I’m trying to keep the items related to each other in some way and worthy of sale as well. Life at home keeps me a little to busy! LOL hopefully someday soon I’ll get something up as well. 🙂

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