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Cat Bandwagon

So there is this recent obsession with cats for some reason and I saw this funny post called “Cats Can Sleep Anywhere”.  I found this really funny and decided to look through my own photos of those closest to me and found some great ones! So I am jumping on the Cat-Bandwagon so to speak.

So here is my very own “Cats Can Sleep Anywhere”

My Cat (sorry for some crappy pictures, they were taken on my cell).

Hunny-started as a stray and found her way into our hearts 🙂

^Yes that is our neighbors roof!

My Husband’s cat:

A random stray in our neighborhood:

They make me laugh 🙂


Beautiful February Snowfall

Some pictures from our beautiful snowfall yesterday! I took these pictures around 8 am and by 4 pm most of the snow was gone, so it’s a good thing that I took them when I did!

Don’t Worry…Be Happy!

So this morning we woke up to 6 inches of beautiful, fluffy, white snow.  Yeah it sucked to have to shovel and scrape off the car at 5:30 am to get my husband off to work, but the view made it worth it.  I love the pureness of fresh snow but as soon as I logged on to Facebook, all I saw were complaints. One of my biggest pet peeves is complaining/whining.  And I don’t mean saying “aw man, I have to scrape off the car now”.  I mean when it becomes “God d**nit! Now I have to shovel, then scrape off the f-ing car, then shovel again.  This really sucks”…etc and then having your mood sour because of it.  I think it’s very important to look for the positives in life; that’s what I strive for.

I know that there are times that life throws crap at you but I believe that it’s a test for you to see how you over come it.  So you can either b**ch about it or get up, quit complaining, and CHANGE it!  It’s not about what comes your way, it’s about what you decide to do about it.  Everyone has issues and hard times in their lives, and it’s ok to be down some times but don’t let that control you.  Rise above it and be stronger than it.  Frankly, it takes a weak person to be in a bad mood.  That’s the easy way out.  But it takes a strong person to over come the crap that’s thrown at you and an evenstronger one to wear a smile while doing it.

You’ll trick yourself in to feeling happy and forget your sour mood, people will want to be around you, and you’ll feel better about yourself! So suck it up, put on a smile, and quit complaining!

Pinterest = Awesomeness!

I found Pinterest a few months ago and it is one of my new loves! It is amazing and if you haven’t checked it out, I recommend that you look into it!  There are so many subjects on that site, my favorite being the craft/home decor sections.

Memory Jar

It seemed that everyone was pinning (a Pinterest term for posting) this link.  I really liked this idea and decided to give my husband one of these for Valentine’s Day.

We don’t have kids (as of now) so writing down what our kids do wasn’t an option.  We decided to write down good/fun things that happened that we thought were worth remembering, whether it was something funny that was said or done, something sweet that we heard, or whatever.  Then on December 31st we would read these memories from the past year, and remember the little things that made us happy each day.

Some examples in our jar are “Opening my etsy shop on 2/1/12”, “Meeting the new baby in our family and spending time with her parents”, “Getting a flat tire and watching my brother climb under the car to help me change it”.  While these may not seem large, it was something that we felt were worth remembering.  Then you can keep those memories and go back and re-read them in other years.

(The jar was one that we happened to have.  The sign I made on InDesign using a graphic I found off of Google.  The pad of paper was from Staples, and we are using a regular felt pen.)


Favorite Photo

What is my favorite photo that I’ve taken?  I get that question a lot.  There’s only one problem…I can’t chose just one! (I know I know…)  Here are my favorites:

This one I called Unseen View.  It was taken in July of 2009 in Door County, Wisconsin at the Sister Bay Marina.  It’s not just the color of the sunset but the whispiness (don’t even know if that is a word!) of the clouds that I love too.

Angel Wings.  I took this in 2010 in Madison of a beautiful tulip.  This is the first time I took a photo of a flower from this type of angle.

Beauty From Beneath.  This was not only the first time I got a picture of a loon, but the first time that I had seen a loon in real life.  I have such a deep respect for these creatures.  They have an amazingly beautiful call and are such caring parents.  Taken in northern Wisconsin.

I Found My Bluebird.  Why that title?  It’s a long running joke between my husband and I that started when we were dating.  At the end of a Led Zeppelin song (I don’t remember which one), if you listen really carefully you can hear Robert Plant say “I can’t find my bluebird” as the song fades away.  Well, we found the bluebird while we were going on a walk in our neighborhood in southern Wisconsin.

Black Swallowtail.  Sometimes the titles are just of the subject themselves.  I have taken up ‘butterfly hunting’ in the summertime.  We have a lot of Eastern Tiger Swallowtails on the beach near our house but I’ve never seen a Black Swallowtail.  So I did a little research and found that they like open meadows more than the edges of forests like the Tiger Swallowtails.  We found a meadow down the street from us and sure enough, there it was!

Friends.  This was one of the most beautiful Eastern Tiger Swallotwails that I have seen and I am lucky that I had my camera with me.  I was on my way home and decided to stop at ‘our’ meadow and do a little bit of ‘butterfly hunting’.  I saw some Tigers and decided to head home.  As I was leaving the meadow, this Tiger was sitting so still…just waiting for me.  I’ve never seen this much blue on a Tiger Swallowtail before!

Two of a Kind.  This was one of the most amazing sights.  Apparently it’s very rare to see more than one Eastern Tiger Swallowtail together.  Usually it’s the males that hatch around the same time and find their way to a beach to absorb the minerals from the sand. However, this pairing was a male and female.  I can’t tell just by looking at them, but while watching them on the beach, they were trying to mate.  It was just so cool seeing them walk with each other and be in each other’s presence.

I hope that answers the “what’s your favorite” question! I’m sure that the more pictures that I take, the more that are going to be finding their way into my favorites section.

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!  This is my first official post on MinorCreations Blog!  I hope to provide information on photography, crafts, recipies, and interests of mine.  Leave a note to say ‘hi’ and let me know what you’d like to see here!

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