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My Very Own Meme!

I was having a Netflix marathon the other day and thought this was hilarious….so I wanted to make a meme!

Thank you Malcolm in the Middle!

Malcolm in the middle


In the spirit of Christmas:


Ornament Wreath with the new snowfall in the background.

Ornament Wreath with the new snowfall in the background.


When the seasons change in Wisconsin, they CHANGE!  By noon today, Madison had 12+ inches with more on the way. Blizzard warnings and everything.


Each frame is from a window one window of my home.  SNOW EVERYWHERE!

Each frame is from a window one window of my home. SNOW EVERYWHERE!


PS I don’t know why I haven’t been getting the weekly photo challenge emails but I do know that this was from the week of the 7th…Back on track now!

Anger is Dangerous

I know I know, I’m late on the weekly photo challenges…this just caught my eye and I wanted to impart a little wisdom.  Anger is a dangerous thing.  It’s ok to feel angry at some situation, but when you hold onto that anger, that’s when it becomes stressful.  I’ll admit I still hold anger over certain situations in my past.  It’s hard to get over things but the best thing we can do is to release it.  Forgive. Become happier.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

(2 posts in one day?! What’s going on?!)


I don’t know who makes the choice for these weekly photo challenges but the past 2 haven’t been very easy…’renewal’ and ‘green’ are non-existent in Wisconsin in November (I’m hoping they’re not going to choose ‘summer’ next) so I had to reach into my archives for this weeks’.


This was taken over the summer in Hayward, WI while my husband and I were canoeing (actually trying to find loons).


Lily pads as far as the eye could see…Green:


These photo challenges come and go really quickly! By the time I actually can find the time for one another one is ready and waiting.


So here’s last weeks: Renewal.


The lake near our house has receded a lot in preparation for the winter…a time of renewal (I guess…)


Geometry was my WORST subject in school. It was the only class in High School that I ever got a D in, and I was trying (what does that tell you?!)

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do for this post.  I thought it had to be some sort of grand photo with shapes galore-and when I couldn’t find anything, I figured I’d just skip this post…BUT NOT THIS TIME!

Ladies and Gentlemen….Geometry:

(A tutorial about how to make this is to follow!)




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